Board Rejects Plan for Clothing Optional Campground

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A controversial campground planned for Morgan County in central Indiana will not open after all. The property owners wanted to have a clothing optional location with dozens of campsites in a wooded area off State Road 44 near Martinsville, according to the Associated Press.

The Morgan County Board of Zoning Appeals denied the campground claim for two reasons. One, they said there’s nothing like it in Morgan County and also, they said it would lower property taxes.

“Doesn’t matter where it’s at. It’s in this county and we don’t want it,” said one resident in opposition to the campground.

Church vans rolled out the opposition, loaded with signs and opinions. A line of more than 100 people ready to speak out formed out the door of the meeting hall. It was an uphill battle for the land owners before the meeting even started.

“We don’t think, probably, this is the right thing to be in the community. Of course, I realize this is a so-called free country, but I don’t think we’re ready for this,” said one resident.

The proposed clothing optional campground in the eastern part of Morgan County is off the beaten path. Nestled inside 20 acres among the woods, it is out of sight, behind the owner’s house, but marked well enough for the curious to stay out.

The owner had proposed to offer private memberships to adults only and limit the number of campsites to 40. Basically just keep to themselves, all behind an enclosed fence.

“We have it set up to control what we can control, once we get off Peavine Road. This is not going to be a public campground, it is going to be private,” said Dale Coffey, attorney for the property owner.

Regardless of the details and arguments for the camp, a packed house of unrest had other thoughts.

“I can’t believe the large number that are here believe this is the highest or best use of the land,” said a resident.

“I don’t want to be able to smell my neighbor, I don’t want to hear him for a long period of time and I certainly don’t want to see him, unless he’s dressed for public,” said another man to cheers.

The owner and lawyer were not available for comment, but do have one more avenue to pursue if they want the camp to open – they can take it up in the courts.


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