‘Death by Chocolate’ at Yogi Bear Park May 21-23

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You’ve heard of mud wrestling. But what about chocolate pudding wrestling?

That’s just one of many chocolate-themed events taking place at Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp-Resort in Williamsport, Pa., on the weekend of May 21-23, according to a news release.

“We call it our ‘Death by Chocolate’ weekend,” said Vicki Vitkun, who runs the 180-site campground with her husband, Ron. “We’ve probably done it for 12 years, and it’s one of our most popular weekend events.”

And it involves a variety of chocolate-themed activities, including chocolate ice cream socials, chocolate finger painting, chocolate crafts, a chocolate slip-and-slide, using a mixture of chocolate syrup and water, and a chocolate pitch burst, a carnival-type attraction, kind of a like a dunk tank, but with a twist.

“They get dumped on,” Vitkun said. “You have someone sitting in a chair and above them is a basket holding a balloon filled with chocolate syrup. The idea is to throw a miniature beanbag at the target. And if you hit it, the balloon falls out of the basket and lands on the head of the person sitting beneath it.”

The biggest attraction, however, is chocolate pudding wresting, an event that requires at least 20 restaurant-sized cans of pudding.

“It’s very, very, very messy,” said Vitkun, with a chuckle.

So who participates in chocolate wresting?

“It’s mainly the kids. But there are always some adults,” she said.

And what do they wear?

“It depends on the weather,” Vitkun said. “If it’s really warm, you’ll see a lot of bathing suits. If not, they’ll come in old clothes.”

Of course, “Death by Chocolate” isn’t the only fun activity taking place at Jellystone Park in Williamsport this summer. The park has a full lineup of different activities and themed weekends taking place every weekend right on through Oct. 31, including special events for Father’s Day weekend and multiple Halloween-themed events for young and older children. “We do one non-scary Halloween weekend the last weekend of September, then we do five consecutive Halloween weekends for the older kids, which includes a haunted trail.”

While every event is designed for family fun, Vitkun said her personal favorites are “Battle of the Sexes Week,” which is slated for July 5th to 11th and “Wet and Wild Week,” which will be Aug. 2-8.

“In Battle of the Sexes Week, everything all week is girls against boys,” Vitkun said. “We have your typical sack races, inner tube races and regular sports games, like baseball, softball and volleyball. We also do a mini-golf tournament. We also have board game contests and trivia contests. And we’re adding one twist this year. On Saturday evening, we’re adding an additional contest where it’s the kids versus the parents and the kids get to make the rules of the contest.”

But there’s a different kind of fun and games that take place during Wet and Wild Week. “Wherever you are in the park and whatever you do that week, there is a very good chance you are going to get wet,” Vitkun said. “We have water balloon fights. We do a water balloon pitch burst. We do wet sponge ball fights, big water gun battles, volleyball in the pool, basketball in the pool. Everything is wet. We even have a guest against staff watergun fight. So even the staff knows to beware that week because they’re going to get wet, too. It’s a week filled with constant laughter, screaming and shouting.”


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