Iowa State Senator Raises Tent Issue for Gays

May 7, 2010 by   - () Comments Off on Iowa State Senator Raises Tent Issue for Gays

An Iowa state senator who opposes gay marriage is asking questions about plans to change a camping rule in the state park system, according to

Just over a year ago the Iowa Supreme Court issued a ruling which legalized gay marriage in Iowa.

Sen. Merlin Bartz, a Republican from Grafton, says it appears to him that the Department of Natural Resources wants to make gay couples eligible for family camping at state parks.

“They’re citing the Supreme Court case and changing, you know, ‘husband and wife’ language to ‘spouse,'” Bartz says.

The rates or fees for campsites are the same, whether you’re a family or a non-family, but the state allows families to put up more than one tent on a campsite. “They’re changing their language even though the state legislature has not had a debate on this particular issue,” Bartz says.


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