KOA Gives Parks New Way to Connect to Guests

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In any service-based business, you’re only as good as your customers say you are.

That’s why Kampgrounds of America Inc. (KOA) has added yet another guest feedback service for its franchise owners to help them improve service and drive camper nights through increased referrals, according to a news release.

KOA’s new on-line camper feedback survey offers KOA owners near-instant feedback from their guests following their stays.

Here’s how it works.

After a stay at any KOA campground, a camper receives a “Thank you, please rate your stay” email that includes a link for the camper to rate their visit. Campers are asked the question, “How likely is it that you would recommend this KOA Kampground to a friend or family member?” Campers answer the question on a 0-10 scale with “0” being “not at all likely,” and 10 being “extremely likely.” This question, known as the net promoter question, is used to calculate the net promoter score (NPS). NPS is used to gauge guest loyalty and is seen by many service industry experts as a lead indicator of future business.

Campers who click either “9” or “10” on the scale are deemed to be “promoters” of that KOA. Guests who score from 0 to 6 are called “detractors,” and scores of 7 or 8 are not used to calculate the campground’s “net promoter” score. The score is calculated by simply figuring the percentage of both promoters and detractors, then subtracting the detractor number from the promoter number. The result is the Net Promoter Score for that campground.

The camper also has the option to enter a short comment. This comment helps the KOA focus on what is working and what needs work for their operations to deliver outstanding services and facilities to their campers.

“We had 48 surveys returned from our guests in the first 30 days, so our campers definitely want to tell us about their KOA experience,” said Stacie Brooks, who manages the South Padre Island, Texas KOA with her husband, Tom.

KOA owners can quickly review their results in “real time” thanks to KOA’s KampSight campground management system. They will receive instant feedback on their camper’s attitudes, and be able to make quick adjustments to help raise their scores and improve their guest service.

“It’s still early in the process, but we’re already finding that the surveying tool and the Net Promoter Score are providing our KOA owners with a valuable resource to ‘take the temperature’ of their camping guests,” said Jef Sutherland, vice president of franchise Ooperations for Kampgrounds of America Inc.KOA “This is very fresh data that the owner receives right after the camper’s stay, so the changes that they are able to make based on this data can really have a positive impact on their ability to attract and retain campers.” Sutherland said during the first 30 days of offering this service to the KOAs and campers, over 9,200 surveys have been completed by the campers.

KOA continues to provide campground owners with annual, individualized Kamper Satisfaction Survey (KSS) results, which include a more extensive camper survey in a variety of service and facility related areas.

“The Net Promoter Score program goes hand-in-hand with our Kamper Satisfaction Survey results,” Sutherland said. “One gives them instant feedback to make them more nimble in meeting the desires of our guests, and the other is an extensive annual checkup for their business with more market based information. Plus, like our Kamper Satsifaction Survey, this is just one more service KOA offers to its franchisees where the owner doesn’t have to send, collect or tabulate the results. We do all of that for them. We then provide them with the results and the tools to help use the results to build guest loyalty.”


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