May Long Weekend Antics Kept to Minimum

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This May long weekend was one of the quietest in years for Alberta law enforcement officials, according to The Cochrane Eagle, Cochrane, Alberta.

Incidents were “way down this year, but so were people,” said Cochrane RCMP Constable Rodney MacIntyre.

“This is the slowest it’s been in 10 years.”

Only about half the normal amount of campers showed up, he said, due to chilly weather and even snow in Waiparous.

“It was cold, it was pretty miserable . . . guys basically huddled in their camp.”

In the Ghost Lake, Waiparous and McLean Creek areas around Cochrane, officials reported no major crimes or traffic incidents as of May 24.

There were about 170 traffic charges, 75 gaming and liquor charges, nine 24-hour licence suspensions, 25 seizures of controlled substances, 12 arrests and 65 other charges.

The May long weekend is often one of the rowdiest and most dangerous of the year, but enforcement efforts were stepped up.

Liquor bans were in place for 10 provincial parks and some campgrounds in Banff National Park, including the Ghost Reservoir campground for the first time.

Andy Rees, an Alberta Parks conservation officer who patrolled Ghost Reservoir, said the liquor ban made for a safer campground, noting weather played a big role.

“When we talked to people in the campgrounds, they were really appreciative of it,” Rees said. “They enjoyed the ability to have a nice, quiet, enjoyable, relaxing long weekend where they felt safe and where families were able to come out and have a good time.”

Bans on alcohol and campfires between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. will continue in Banff National Park until October.


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