Mounties Escort RVers from British Columbia Park

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Entrance to Aldergrove RV Park, British Columbia

A clash resulted in four tenants being evicted from an Aldergrove, British Columbia, motorhome park, according to the Langley Advance News.

Mounties were called in Saturday (May 15) to escort a quartet of seniors from the Aldergrove RV Park, at least two of whom have a history of heart problems.

Doug Schochenmaier, John and Anita Edlund, and Ivy Samograd are the latest tenants of the Alderbrook RV Park to be ousted with what provincial Housing Minister Rich Coleman told the Langley Advance was potentially insufficient eviction notice.

“It’s very odd the police got involved,” said Fort Langley-Aldergrove MLA Coleman, who said his ministry’s hands are tied unless the tenants file a complaint under the Residential Tenancy Act and ask for a hearing.

Langley RCMP was first called to the RV park Thursday by the managers, just a few hours after the four tenants were given hand-written and hand-delivered eviction notices accusing the seniors of things they apparently haven’t done, and giving them just hours to vacate.

The photocopied notices, with the tenants’ names, unit numbers, and date penned in, said: “You have continued to cause disturbance and cause conflict with management. We have right to evict if you cause any kind of disturbance. Please move out from this park today, or you will be removed at your own expense.”

Schochenmaier said he was on the phone Thursday morning when he heard a bang on the door to his RV. He cut the call short and opened the door, at which time one of the caretakers thrust the note at him, calling him a “troublemaker” and ordering him out.

He was dumbfounded.

“I’ve never done anything. I’ve never hurt anybody. I’ve never screamed at anybody. I’ve never disputed, they’ve increased my rent. I’ve paid the rent increase, my rent is paid in advance by the month. And now, I’m gone,” Schochenmaier told Canwest News.

A view of the Aldergrove RV Park

“I’m not a bad renter and a bad man. I’ve never caused trouble … I’ve never broke the rules,” he added. “I’ll jump on a stack of Bibles and swear.”

There are about 80 units in the park, and having lived on site for more than five years, the 71-year-old Schochenmaier described most the tenants as “incredibly amiable,” friendly, and willing to look out for each other.

But since a couple took over caretaking duties in the park late last year, Schochenmaier claims about eight or nine other long-time tenants have been “wrongfully” evicted, and many of the remaining occupants worry about being ousted without notice, and what he calls no “good” reason.

“Everyone’s living in fear,” he said, noting many can’t, for financial or health reasons, pack and move instantly.

Police officers who were on scene served more as mediators the first day, negotiating a 48-hour reprieve for the evictees.

But the Mounties were called back again Saturday to enforce the notice.

They facilitated the tenants being refunded the remainder of their May rent, before escorting the elderly foursome and their three RVs off the site at 28th Avenue and 264th Street in Aldergrove.

It appears to be an ugly personality clash that may very well have crossed the boundaries into the Residential Tenancy Act, Coleman said.


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