Mounties to Patrol Campgrounds over Long Weekend

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Long weekend revelers are being cautioned by British Columbia police and provincial officials to play nice, according to

The Victoria Day long weekend is traditionally one of the busiest of the year in Chilliwack recreation areas east of Vancouver. But police and several other agencies say they’re ready. They say they want to ensure Chilliwack’s recreation areas remain “safe and enjoyable destinations for all to enjoy.”

(The holiday is colloquially known as May Two-Four in parts of  Canada, a double entendre that refers both to the date on which the holiday usually falls, May 24, and the Canadian slang for a case of 24 beers, a “two-four,” a drink popular during the long weekend.)

Once again RCMP will be enforcing their zero tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol.

“Open liquor will be seized, and those found in possession of open liquor will be subject to fines,” said RCMP spokesperson Constable Tracy Wolbeck. “A minor in possession of open liquor carries a fine of $230.”

RCMP will also be on the water, ensuring boaters are operating their vessels safely and in compliance with the law.

And they’ll be in the back country.

But they won’t be alone.

“We will be working with our partners from BC Parks, forestry, Cultus Lake, Chilliwack Lake, Chilliwack River Valley, Harrison Lake, Hope and Boston Bar, including private security, and several Citizens on Patrol groups to maintain a high level of public safety throughout the Upper Fraser Valley area,”  Wolbeck said.

Environment minister Barry Penner, meanwhile, is urging people to protect the back country they enjoy.

“We want people to use ATVs and other recreational vehicles in a responsible way without causing harm to themselves or the environment” said Penner. “We also want to remind everyone that it is illegal to litter and that it is their responsibility to properly manage food and other attractants to prevent conflicts with wildlife.”

Since the May long weekend is typically one of the busiest recreational weekends of the year, compliance and enforcement officers, recreation officers and RCMP officers will be conducting patrols of recreation sites and forest service roads in several regions across the province.

The goal is to ensure compliance with public safety and environmental regulations in relation to off-road vehicle use (ATVs, 4X4s, dirt-bikes), camping, boating and fishing. Recreation sites with repeat problems are being targeted for extra enforcement. Officers will be giving out tickets to those who are not in compliance.


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  1. GR on June 5th, 2010 8:35 pm

    Boston Bar Citizens of Patrol have been seen in Downtown Boston Bar. As the RCMP were checking vehicles, they were providing Coffee and other Beverages. They even offered to assistance with directions and great camping areas. Hats off to that great group. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP and the great COFFEE.