Arkansas Campground Flood Sparks Industry Debate

June 21, 2010 by   - () Comments Off on Arkansas Campground Flood Sparks Industry Debate

Campers at High Cliff State Park in northeast Wisconsin Friday (June 18) were not letting the chance of severe weather dampen their weekend fun.

But as one group of friends set up camp for the night the chance dangerous weather moving in was hard to ignore, according to WGBA-TV, Green Bay, Wis.

“I just got a text that says here it comes with a picture,” said one camper. Also not far from their minds is the recent flooding disaster in Arkansas when a wall of water swept through a campground while people were sleeping, killing 20.

The Arkansas tragedy has sparked a national debate whether campgrounds need to upgrade their severe weather warning systems.

At High Cliff State Park, rangers trust the system that’s in place now.

“Our system works,” said Ranger Jay Vosters. “The best thing to do is get familiar with the park, check kiosks and see if they’ve got information out there, get out from under the trees and seek a sturdy building, something made out of block.”

Campers say they know the drill. “If sirens go off or it starts looking really ugly, we know what to do,” said Anita White-Brown.


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