Burst Pipe Affects Colorado Public Campground

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A burst water main under Dillon Dam Road has cut off the water supply at Heaton Bay Campground, just outside Frisco, Colo. Dillon Ranger District officials hope to have water service restored by the July 4 holiday weekend, the Summit Daily News reported.

The 6-inch water main broke sometime during the winter; the Forest Service became aware of the problem in early May during preparations to open the campground.

“At all 81 campsites, there is no drinking water available and no utility water to clean with,” said Dillon Ranger District’s Howard Scott.

Scott said many RVs come into campgrounds with their water tanks empty to improve gas mileage. But they and all other campers need to bring water with them before arriving at Heaton Bay.

The Forest Service is planning to cut through the road, dig a trench and repair the water main on Tuesday night, after Dillon Dam Road closes at 10 p.m. The work will block campers from turning left toward Frisco, so they should be prepared to remain at the campground until 6 a.m. If the job is not complete by then, workers will stop and allow traffic to pass, and the work will continue Wednesday night. The Forest Service and other agencies will be prepared to respond to medical or other emergencies and remove campers if necessary.

“I will personally be out there Tuesday afternoon, talking with each of the campsite occupants to let them know what the situation is. If they’re not comfortable with that, we can relocate them to another campground in the area,” Scott said.

Once water is flowing again, the system must be flushed, disinfected and tested for contamination.

“It’s a big crunch, but we hope to have it fully operational by July 4 weekend,” Scott said.


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