New Brunswick Campground to be Reopened

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The New Brunswick, Canada, government will soon call for proposals to develop Grand Lake Provincial Park, which has been closed to campers for eight years due to sewage and pollution problems, according to the CBC television network.

Eugene McGinley, Liberal MLA for Grand Lake-Gagetown, said the government is getting ready to seek proposals to develop the site because a few weeks ago it was given a clean bill of health.

“And, then by tender I suppose, whatever project is approved the property will be developed,” McGinley said Wednesday (June 9).

Former campers are eager to see the park reopened.

Edith Storey, who spent many happy summers at the campground, gets sentimental when she thinks about what it used to be like.

“It was more than a camping site. It was a family place for people to come and we celebrated all kinds of things during the summer months,” she said.

The campground, which was leased by the province to a private company, was first closed in 2002 because of ongoing sewage, pollution and electrical problems.

It was shut down permanently in 2003 by the Conservative government because it was estimated the cleanup would cost $500,000.

In 2006, the Liberal government promised to restore the park. A section was opened for day-use, but the campground remained closed.

“It should be occupied with the campers that we had here before and if there’s any way we can get it back open, we would appreciate it,” Storey said.

“We would like to have the campground back open again to help our economy in our area. We’ve lost a lot things in our area; we’d like to get it back.”


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