‘RV Cooking Show’ Auditions for Oprah

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Evanne Schmarder

The “RV Cooking Show” recently auditioned for Oprah Winfrey.

The new Oprah Winfrey Network, set to debut in January, is searching for quality programming and has invited video submissions for consideration via Oprah’s “Your OWN Show” competition. The three-minute “RV Cooking Show” audition showcases the “wonderful, wandering world of RVing” with the goal of promoting this special mode of travel to a national (and possibly worldwide) audience.

“What an opportunity for the RV Cooking Show, the RV/camping industry, and travelers everywhere. The “RV Cooking Show” on OWN has the ability to bring significant recognition to this terrific life/vacation style,” Evanne Schmarder, “RV Cooking Show” host and producer, said in a news release. “After several years of producing the ‘RV Cooking Show’ and gaining a substantial, loyal following I believe it’s time to expand our viewership. Who doesn’t love to travel and love to eat? As RVing celebrates its centennial there’s never been a better time to support the goals of the “RV Cooking Show’ – a network TV show.”

Schmarder asks the public to visit her Oprah page at and vote for her submission. Voting is open until July 3 and voters may visit and vote for the show an unlimited number of times. Additionally, she asked the public to help build a groundswell for the RV Cooking Show by posting this on their website, Facebook page, Twitter, blo — any avenue that you believe will gain attention.

Learn more about and watch past episodes of the RV Cooking Show at You may contact Schmarder at


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