Town Rallies to Revive Public Campground

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Grand Lake Park enthusiasts gathered Saturday to enjoy the park in Monto, New Brunswick, and to rally support for the reopening of the campground, which has been closed since 2003 when it fell into disrepair, according to The Daily Gleaner, Fredericton, New Brunswick.

The event was organized by Grand Lake United, a community advocacy committee comprised of a non-profit bi-partisan group of volunteers, said chairwoman Nancy Daamen.

“In the fall of 2006, the current government promised us that if they were elected, they would reopen our park. Unfortunately, here we are four years later, and only a portion of that promise has been honored,” Daamen said.

“Putting up an open sign does not relinquish them from their commitment or their responsibility to this community. Today, we send a very clear message to our government that we want our campground back.

“For the last three years, we have been doing our best to keep the reopening of our campground in the forefront of the community’s mind as well as that of the government,” she said.

Grand Lake Park’s beach area has been upgraded and was reopened last summer.

The beach area, boat ramp, picnic area, portable toilets and a recreation area with a volleyball court are available to the public, with other improvements planned.

The campground section of the park remains closed, mainly due to environmental concerns. Costs to bring the campground up to code have been estimated at more than $400,000.

Grand Lake Park, with the campground, is an economic asset to the community as well as of historic importance to the area, Daamen said.

The property was the home of the Coakley family for years, before being purchased by the province around 1957.

Saturday’s gathering was billed as a fun day, with a large crowd sharing food and entertainment, while showing the importance of Grand Lake Park to the community.

Signatures were collected of those interested in having a camping lot in the campground section of the park, if and when it’s reopened.


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