TRMI Awarded Texas Contract to Track RVs

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TRMI Systems Integration, Accord, N.Y., has been was awarded the contract to provide a comprehensive electronic access system for six county park areas on South Padre Island and the adjacent mainland in Cameron County, Texas, according to a press release.

Using magnetic strip tickets and SIRIT RF window stickers, the system will enable the Cameron County Park System to automate and control RV and camping space reservations for all six properties.

“This is a sophisticated but easy-to-use system, bringing the power of electronic tolling to a scheduling and access control application,” said Jim  Cranston, TRMI director of marketing. “It will provide the (Texas) park system with a wide array of advanced technologies, hardware and software, designed  to coordinate and streamline park operations.”
Included in the new system will be:

  • Gates, loops and terminals to control access to the parks.
  • A system database server to store transactions and support reporting.
  • Web applications for monitoring and reporting.
  • Workstations for point-of-sale transactions.
  • Third-party software support for reservations by Campground Master.
  • A network to support connectivity between park locations.
  • Designs for future integration with the toll collection system at Veterans Bridge.
  • Video cameras and digital recorders.
  • An RF sticker tag system by SIRIT to identify different types of users.
  • Integrated outdoor payment kiosks to accept cash and credit card payments.
  • Exit lanes with one-way traffic flow protection.

Using Oracle databases and Cisco network security to implement the most current web-browser-based applications, the system will run over  existing private networks or over the internet, using high-security virtual private networks. All data communications will employ TCP/IP protocol over Ethernet networks. All systems that connect over the internet will use a VPN tunnel to provide a secure private network for data transmissions.

The connections will use the required encryption levels as well as HTTPS/SSL for all traffic using a certificate from a trusted root authority. Additionally, the system will meet or exceed all applicable Payment Card Industry (PCI) data security standards.

“We’re excited about the challenges and opportunities of this new system,” said Cranston. “It will make the Park System’s job of handling a complex  set of processes much easier and more efficient.”

Since 1974, TRMI has been designing and installing custom-integrated electronic toll collection systems for public and private organizations. In  1981, TRMI built the first solid-state electronic toll collection system in the United States at the Golden Gate Bridge and has since installed systems throughout the US and internationally.


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