175 Campsites Submerged by Rising Lake Perry

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Campgrounds, parking lots, beaches and boat ramps all have fallen victim to the rising water of Lake Perry, an 11,000-acre lake located 40 miles west of Kansas City.

Sixteen feet of extra water at Lake Perry has submerged 175 campsites and closed all six of the lakes boat ramps, KTKA-TV, Topeka, reported.

“It’s been a while since we’ve had it this high,” says Kenneth Wade, project manager for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Lake Perry.

He says the lake is up almost 16 feet and will continue to rise another six inches before any water can be released.

“We have to watch how much we’re releasing up here, so that we are not creating problems downstream.”

The lake spills into the Delaware River which hits the Kansas River and eventually the Missouri River, which are all too high to take any of the lake’s water.

That’s why Wade has ordered 23 more danger buoyes to warn boaters of debris that’s just below the surface of the water.

This tiny rock path is actually a water break that sits 15 feet above the lake’s surface, but now it’s underwater.

Wade has also put up barricades to block off water-covered roads and parking lots.

“If the individuals go around those barricades they will be cited.”

Wade says he knows the closures are frustrating, but says they’re for the public’s safety.

And he asks lake visitors to be patient until the Paradise on the Plains is restored.

Once the lake is lowered, officials will begin cleaning up the campsites that are underwater as well as replacing the lake’s beach.


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