3 Generations Mark Pine Acres’ Anniversary

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Margaret Cudd didn’t have much of an appetite for camping when she married her husband, Jim, and relocated from Texas to Massachusetts in 1952.

But after the Cudds developed successful careers – she as a nursing supervisor at an intensive care unit and her husband as a supervisor for a plastics company – they bought and RV and soon discovered that Pine Acres Resort in Oakham, Mass., offered not only a beautiful natural setting, but a peaceful retreat from the stress of their jobs.

“It was only 13 miles from our house, but going there was like going on vacation,” Margaret Cudd recalled. “Nobody could reach us there. It was a great place to go just to read a book. No TV. No radio. No telephone.”

Now in their 80s, the Cudds have been camping at Pine Acres Resort for 50 years. In fact, they’ve had the same campsite – site 45 – for 39 years. They will join some nearly 1,000 guests when Pine Acres Resort celebrated its 50th anniversary on Aug. 7.

“The campground is just absolutely marvelous,” Margaret Cudd said. “In the early days before all the development, the Packards used to have a winter carnival for the children and we’d go there and take our nieces. We’d even have a picnic in the winter with snow everywhere. We would also play cards until 3 o’clock in the morning and have a bonfire. And we’d play Monopoly and all those kinds of games. You can’t do that now, of course.”

Indeed, as the park has grown, it has established quiet hours to ensure a pleasant overnight camping experience for everyone.

Other guests have similar fond memories, including Bill Martocchio and his wife, Cheryl, who have been camping at Pine Acres every summer for 27 years. “Our daughters basically grew up out there,” Bill Martocchio said. “They were 12 and 7 when we started going there. It was a great place for my daughters to spend weekends and summer vacations – a nice, clean friendly environment, and they had a lot of activities to keep the kids busy. Now I have a 6-year-old and a 3-year-old grandson who also go there.”

Asked what keeps bringing his family back to Pine Acres year after year, Martocchio mentioned three things. “I like the people, the amenities and the location,” he said, adding that he parks his travel trailer there and uses it like a summer home. “You have the camp store, you have the lake and you have the pool. I love it there,” he said.


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