Canadian Body Allows Random RV Parks

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The city council in Kelowna, British Columbia, has approved a zoning bylaw amendment that will allow farmers to offer what amounts to little RV parks on their property.

The council recently voted in favor of four significant changes to the agri-tourism application, which include a minimum requirement of 4 hectares of land (about 10 acres) to operate, CKFR Radio reported.

A very emotional Paula Morrison, who owns a hay farm in town, spoke against the idea at  Tuesday’s (July 13) public hearing.

“I ask you to please keep focused on the primary use of the Agriculture Land Reserve, which is farming. We recognize there are other interests, which are both societal and economical. It’s not the responsibility of the farm to support tourism, commercial RV parks, cancer patients, students, business owners and low income housing.”

Morrison says the abuse by some is evident.

Nicholas Swart, who owns a raspberry farm, says the minimum 10-meter setback is too close.

“I can’t fathom the thought of having four or five large RV vehicles, that close to my property, on a farm. It’s wrong, simply wrong.”

City Councillor Robert Hobson was the only one who voted against the housekeeping amendments.

“We should define it around the need to support agriculture with a truly secondary use, which is an agri-tourism use. Not a tourist-recreation use, which is a commercial operation, which in my view should be in a different place.”

RVs will not be allowed to stay longer than 30 days and operators can only allow accommodations on their sites between April 1 and Oct. 31.

The 14 sites that currently offer agri-tourism will be grandfathered, with each case being looked at individually.

The bylaw is expected to be adopted sometime in August.


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