Fierce Storm Terrorizes New York Campground

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A powerful storm early Sunday (July 18) devastated a campground near Albany, N.Y.

WTEN-TV- Albany, reported large tree trunks snapped in half and splintered like matchsticks at the Aqua Vista Campground .

The National Weather Service has not yet confirmed any tornadoes in the area. Those who lived through the night of wild weather say the storms were the strongest they have ever seen.

“Me, my mom and our dog were all stuck in the popup when the tree fell on it,” Courtney Carter said. “We screamed for my dad and then he came and saved us.”

At last count more than 100 trees were down across the campground and the cleanup well underway, cutting up tree trunks and hauling away other branches. The helping hands doing more than just clearing the debris the storm left behind.


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