Learn More About the ‘Yogi Bear’ Movie

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From comes this peek at the upcoming “Yogi Bear” movie due out in December. Officials with Leisure Systems Inc. and Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp-Resort franchisees hope the movie introduces the cartoon legend (and Jellystone Parks) to an entirely new generation of campers:

The story of one of the most favorite bears that is the one who takes pride in stealing picnic baskets makes a surprise coming to the wide screen with the upcoming animation flick “Yogi Bear.” Based on a television cartoon show the original story has been altered by the guidance and advice by the director Eric Brevig who has made every effort to make the movie appealing to the family entertainment seekers and at the same time giving a message to the society that carries an important social meaning.

In “Yogi Bear” the audience meets Yogi the Bear who is happily spends his days in Jellystone Park along with his faithful follower Boo-Boo. Due to lack of profit Mayor Brown decides to close the park to the dismay of many. Not ready to give up their homes that easily Yogi and Boo-Boo join forces with their old enemy Ranger Smith to come up with a plan to prevent the Jellystone Park from getting closed. And as the trio meet a documentary filmmaker who has come to make a project about the park things start to look bright and sunny with a new hope.

The voice of gorgeous Anna Faris will be one of the star attractions in the movie who comes forward to give her vocal talents to yet another animation. With hugely successful previous efforts this one also is likely to make it to the hearts of the audience. She voices the character of Rachel the documentary filmmaker alongside Dan Aykroyd who voices the main role of Yogi the Bear. The voice of Yogi’s side-kick Boo-Boo is of none other than Justin Timberlake who appears to have found it as interesting to extend his vocal talents to a 3D movie for the first time.

“Yogi Bear” has all the exact ingredients of a family entertainment package that promise adventure and comedy to be enjoyed by each and every member in the family and when the movie hits it off on 17th of December the movie is with out doubt going to be an endless and unlimited joyride to kids and adults alike.


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