Minnesota RV Park Flooded 2nd Time This Season

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The recent rainfall in Minnesota has caught up to the Shakopee Valley RV Park, which wasn’t expecting a second round of flooding this year.

“Everybody was playing musical chairs as they kept moving up higher and higher,” Park Manager Dave Rose told KARE-TV, Minneapolis-St. Paul. “It’s a small price we pay for being right on the Minnesota River.”

Out of the 90 or so campers, a third drove to nearby Canterbury Park, a third found higher ground and the rest stayed put.

“The less adventurous moved on top of the hill,” Rose said.

“That one right there,” Dale Peters said, as he pointed to his RV surrounded by water. Peters has dealt with flooding at the campground before. “I thought it wouldn’t get that high, it never did before, but it did now,” Peters said.

Others, like the Droppo brothers, have nothing else to do but play.

“We’re just looking for turtles, frogs, anything to catch,” 11-year-old Eric Droppo said.

The rest of Shakopee is high and dry.

“The overall impact on the entire city is very minimal,” Shakopee Capt. Craig Robson said.

However Minnesota DOT is monitoring the Minnesota 101 bridge as a precaution. The Minnesota River is above flood stage at about 702 feet, but still about 10 feet from pouring onto the road. They said the road shouldn’t be compromised since the river has already crested.

Even though the flood ruined the park’s busy Fourth of July weekend, things are looking up for campers, as the water starts going down.

“It’s about the worst week for it to happen. We plan on making up for it,” Rose said.


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