Montana Pair Enters Campground Sales Business

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Billings, Mont., businessmen John Halstvedt and San Singer have opened a new business, Recreational Business Partners, focusing on connecting buyers and sellers of campgrounds, RV parks and resort cabins.

As veterans of an industry that was born in Billings, with the founding of Kampgrounds of America (KOA), Singer and Halstvedt, provide consultation services and training for individuals wanting to buy a recreational campground, according to the Big Sky Business Journal. The partners have both worked for KOA and in other aspects of the industry, developing knowledge about what it takes to run a campground, as well as the nuts and bolts, of financing and conducting a successful sale.

“We act as consultants, rather than a broker,” said Halstvedt. The difference is significant. A broker will list a business for sale and is paid a commission, explained Halstvedt, “His loyalty is 100% to the seller, which is as it should be. But no one is looking out for the buyer’s interests. So we are a buyer advocate. We work with them to buy the best, most profitable business we can find.”

Besides taking clients through a 22-step acquisition process that leaves them prepared and confident about the venture upon which they are embarking, Recreational Business Partners will seek out prospective properties that may not appear to be on the market.

Recreational Business Partners are available to advise business owners who want to sell. “We work with sellers to help them prepare a business for sell,” said Halstvedt, “We can help them make their business more valuable.”

“We can help them understand what is going to drive value,” said Singer. Adding that in reality from the first day that a person begins a business, they know they are probably going to sell it one day and should start keeping records with that in mind from the very beginning.

“Business owners always want to know what their business is worth, and we have ways of helping people know that,” said Singer.

They can also help to improve the profitability of an existing business. In fact, during troubled economies, that becomes many business owners’ primary focus. “We are kind of contrarians,” said Singer, “during times like this more business owners are interested in improving their businesses. It kind of weeds out the good from the bad, so there’s a whole lot more going on.”

The partners are excited about their new venture, because both of them love the campground business – “It is fun just talking about the business.” “We spent a lot of years working in the campground business,” said Singer, “We sold a lot of campgrounds and John owned a campground.”

Company offices are at 3860 Avenue B, Suite C West in Billings. Their website is:


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