North Dakota Ranchers Open Small Campground

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Richard and Lonnie Jambor enjoy the guest hunters that have stayed at their ranch near Killdeer, N.D., over the years and recently decided to expand on it.

Sunset Trails Campground, which is about five miles west of Killdeer in the far western side of the state, opened July 1, Northland Outdoors, Fargo, reported.

“We just thought it would be a good opportunity to meet people and bring in a little extra income,” Lonnie Jambor said.

The location of their ranch, which is right off of Highway 200, is ideal, Richard Jambor added.

“For hunters, for example, it intersects four different hunting units,” Richard said.

He added the campground is close to the Killdeer Mountains, the Hutmacher historical farmstead and Medicine Hole Golf Course.

“The Killdeer Mountains is really an untapped resource,” Richard said. “I mean it’s just beautiful up there.”

The campground has six camper hookups and a cabin that sleeps four to six people, he added.

“There is a nice view from the porch of the cabin to the west with the sun going down — that’s kind of how we came upon the name Sunset Trails,” Lonnie said. “We have lots of nice green ponderosa pines around the campsite. The trees do offer some privacy for the campers.”

The couple is finishing a shower house, which campers will be able to utilize by the end of the month.

Richard added they also have room to expand.

“We can add on more cabins as need be, but right now it’s just been great,” he said. “The people here have been super.”

The couple plans to hold other activities at their ranch, beginning this fall.

“My wife had an idea of grandparents’ day, where grandparents can take their grandkids up here, because we have ponies and horses and all that stuff,” Richard said.

They also have sheep, goats, chickens and ducks for families to play with, he added.

In addition, they can board horses. They have 160 acres of land for horses to roam, he added.

Oil activity in Dunn County has left very little room for lodging, so the campground also serves as a place for workers to reside as well.

“They’re just really happy to be here, because most of them haven’t had any work for a long time,” Lonnie said.

Those who have been staying enjoy listening to the sounds of nature, Richard said.

“They just love it here because Killdeer’s getting pretty full and it’s not like a trailer court,” Richard said. “It’s a really nice, quiet environment.”

The Jambors are also hooked up to the Southwest Water pipeline, Lonnie added.

“It’s not hard to find,” Lonnie said, adding the campground is visible from Highway 200.


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