Owner Has 5 Days to Upgrade Sewage Facility

July 23, 2010 by   - () Comments Off on Owner Has 5 Days to Upgrade Sewage Facility

Moon Meadows Campground owner Thomas Peckham has five days to find a way to keep his facility near Edinboro, Pa., open.

Otherwise, deputies from the Erie County Sheriff’s Office will begin evicting more than 100 residents and campers on Tuesday, reported.

Peckham can either make sewer improvements to the campground or convince Erie County Judge Shad Connelly to delay a court-ordered deadline for the campground to meet state health codes.

Peckham said he is trying to do both.

“I’m going to put in a request Friday with the judge for a stay, but I’m also looking at ways to get the place up to code,” Peckham said.

Connelly ordered the campground closed by Tuesday if Peckham didn’t remove the substandard septic work he has installed.

He also must repair sewage malfunctions at multiple locations, install temporary sewage containers, and routinely pump the campground’s sanitary dump station.


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