Temporary RV Park Turned Small Profit

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While a temporary RV park set up for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, British Columbia, lost money, a similar one in nearby Richmond actually turned a small profit.

Peter Mitchell, president of the Steveston Rotary Club, recently expressed surprise at reports the Vancouver Parks Board was facing a $70,000 shortfall resulting from a temporary RV park created for the Winter Games, the Vancouver Sun reported.

The parks board paid $115,000 to hire a contractor to create a temporary RV park at Jericho Beach and Spanish Banks. That contract constituted the bulk of a $144,000 budget for the project.

Meanwhile, the Richmond Parks and Recreation Department gave the Steveston Rotary Club the contract to do a similar job in Richmond, and the organization turned a small profit.

“In contrast to the Vancouver Olympic RV Park, which had a ($144,000) budget and lost $70,000, in Richmond, the parks departments consigned the RV park to the Rotary Club of Steveston and we were able to run on a shoestring budget and generate a $3,000 profit,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell said the Richmond RV park — located in the parking lot for the lacrosse box in Steveston Park — was on a smaller scale than the one in Vancouver.

Mitchell said $2,000 of the profits will go to the Steveston Community Center Society, and $900 will go towards six bursaries for KidSport Richmond.


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