Town Finds RV Park Plan ‘Incompatible’

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The Williston (N.D.) Planning and Zoning Commission voted unanimously 6-0 to recommend denial of a proposed RV park during its meeting Monday evening (July 19).

Williston resident Terry Schatz was asking for a special permitted use for an RV park, to be located on near the corner of 26th Street East and University Avenue, the Williston Daily Herald reported.

Schatz was looking to put a 41-site RV park with lots for both short- and long-term stays on the property next to the trailer court he owns.

The matter was tabled during the commission’s June meeting to study the issue. Neighbors had voiced concerns about traffic, law enforcement and safety.

Residents attended Monday to voice their opposition to the proposed park. A petition with 59 signatures was turned in opposing the special permitted use.

Williston resident Eleanor Olson read a letter voicing her opposition to the proposed RV park. Olson cited the potential safety concerns of RVs making left-hand turns into the park. She noted the heavy truck traffic along 26th Street and said that the decision they make impacts the community for years to come.

“An RV park in the city limits is not advantageous to either the neighbors or to the city,” said Olson.

Other residents took turns citing concerns regarding law enforcement, parking and the impact on property values.

Schatz responded by saying that he can’t control the traffic and emphasized that the RV camp is not temporary housing or a man-camp. He added that his son is coming to Williston and plans on running the business.

Schatz went on to say that parking would be limited to two cars per lot.

He added that he he found it odd that people were making a big deal about an RV park when there is an abundance of campers and RVs in yards and parked on roadways.

After further discussion, the commissioners discussed their stance.

Commissioner Chris Brostuen said he appreciated the residents’ efforts to make their voice be heard.

“This is the way the system’s supposed to work. It’s a controversial issue with both sides of people coming together to debate,” said Brostuen.

However, he said the project didn’t appear to be a compatible fit with the trailer park and surrounding neighborhoods.


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