Virtual Outdoor Expo Outlines Pre-Registration

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The Virtual Outdoor Hospitality Expo producers have announced that they will be offering to pre-register members of associations within the outdoor hospitality industry.

The Nov. 1-3 expo, which will be held on the Internet, will give all members of associations the opportunity to attend the expo by simply logging in with a user ID and password which will be provided in advance by the expo staff, according to a news release. Associations can utilize this service as another example of the benefits of membership. The pre-registration will be sent to outdoor facilities via e-mail.

“The pre-registrations will begin in September,” said Producer Art Lieberman, “and there is no limitation upon how many people may register from any one facility. The webinars, open forums are, likewise, open to any attendee and registration is virtually unlimited and, of course, free.”

Also in September, the first draft of the expo’s souvenir program will be prepared  and the final edition will be sent in October to over 15,000 outdoor hospitality facilities. The program will announce the sponsors, exhibitors, webinar schedule and the speakers.

“We will spend a great deal of effort to make exhibitors comfortable with the virtual reality of their exhibits while also making sure that attendees have a clear vision of how to navigate the expo’s virtual world. To some, it will be a game, like a Wii, while others will find it a new adventure,” said Lieberman.

The expo staff can be contacted at or (877) 901-EXPO


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