Alabama Residents Oppose RV Park Plan

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Bay Hill Village, Ala., residents told county leaders Monday (Aug. 2) that a recreational vehicle resort planned near them would hurt property values and be a safety concern, The Decatur (Ala.) Daily reported.

About 17 residents attended the Limestone County Commission meeting to oppose Lakeshore RV Resorts, a proposed development on Bay Village Drive south of Snake Road. Bay Hill is on the Tennessee River near where it meets Elk River in the extreme northern part of the state.

District 3 Commissioner Bill Latimer, who represents that area, was absent because he is on a missionary trip to South America with a group from Hobbs Street Church of Christ.

Commission Chairman David Seibert said the commission would wait until Latimer returns to take any action.

“He left me no instructions as to his wishes on this,” Seibert said.

At Wednesday’s work session, county engineer Richard Sanders said Bay Village Drive is a privately maintained road, and the developer wants access from that road to his property.

Sanders said the county does not have any regulations that address that issue.

The county also does not have zoning authority and can only review street accessibility and drainage issues for subdivisions.

Developer Joel Wilson III is seeking a variance on his planned road, which would be privately maintained. Neither the proposed road or Bay Village Drive meet the county’s specifications.

Bay Hill Village resident Fritz Schmidt gave a written statement to the commission opposing Wilson’s proposed resort.

Schmidt is a past president of the Bay Hill’s homeowners association, and said he was representing the other homeowners.

Schmidt’s statement said the original developer, Jimmy Christopher, permanently blocked the westbound exit of Bay Village Drive, a road that is the only entrance and exit for a majority of the property owners.

He said if a large RV broke down, that would block the road to emergency vehicles and other services, such as postal trucks and utility vehicles.

He said the weight of the RVs would also damage Bay Village Drive.

Schmidt said Wilson has created cuts in the road for utilities, and has refilled those cuts with cement or dirt.

“His lack of concern for the welfare of the community seems evident,” Schmidt said.

Schmidt said most homeowners are transplants and do not qualify for Homestead Exemption, and therefore they are paying property tax on 250 properties worth $65 million.

He said those property values will decrease if the RV resort locates there.

A representative for Wilson said that when the commission addresses the issue upon Latimer’s return, he will speak on behalf of the developer.


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