Council May Raise City-Owned RV Park’s Rates

August 2, 2010 by   - () Comments Off on Council May Raise City-Owned RV Park’s Rates

Claremore, Okla., City Council members today (Aug. 2) will be voting upon whether to approve proposed rate increases at the Expo Center’s RV Park.

“Rental fees at our RV park have not gone up in the past five years,” Ron Burrows, Expo Center director, told the Claremore Daily Progress. “In that time, electric rates have been raised, and this (proposed rate change) is to offset that increase.”

Proposed changes to be considered would be those of chair rental fees (from $.25 to $1), RV site rental for 20-amp (from $20 per night to $25 per night), 50-amp ($25 per night to $30 per night), and electric only spots ($12 per night to $15 per night).

Additional labor charges for holiday events also will be considered.

Currently, the 29 spots at the Expo Center’s RV Park garner a 27% profit, earning a yearly revenue of $211,700 — $57,159 of which is at profit to the city.

If approved, the rate increase with elevate profitability of the RV park to 42%, or $111,142.50 annual profit (of a $264,625 revenue).

“We will be keeping our weekly and monthly rates discounted to remain competitive with other local RV parks, as offering a discount encourages guests to stay more days, while not increasing the cost of maintaining the facility by any measurable amount,” Burrows said.

Regarding the changes to rentals, Burrows said that $1 rental for chairs is “standard.”

“Currently, labor for holiday events is a reduction in our profitability, and these proposed (rate) changes are an effort to improve our return at the Expo Center,” he said. “We’ve been operating in the black for the past few years and we definitely want to remain that way.”

Weekly rates at the Expo Center’s RV Park are currently $100, with monthly rates being $360. Proposed increases to these would be $125 weekly and $400 monthly, an increase which Burrows felt confident would increase the park’s level of profitability but allow Claremore to remain competitive as an RV park site.

“With a concerted effort in maintenance and marketing the (Claremore Expo) RV Park will continue to grown in appeal for overnight visitors to Claremore,” he said. “The proposed rate increase would defray costs in labor and materials needed to maintain the park, as well as marketing costs in various travel publications.”


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