Evicted RV Park Residents Look for New Homes

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Residents from On the River RV Park in Boise, Idaho, are scrambling to find a new home. Last week they got an eviction notice saying they had to vacant by the end of September, KIVI-TV, Boise, reported.

“I’ve got a wife dying of cancer and I got to move in the middle of this!” said one resident.

The Ada County Commissioners have plans on reposing the park after the 20 year lease is up. They have big plans on making some big money in the long term.

“Some point in time it’ll be developed as a hotel, condos, who knows along the river there,” said Ada County Commissioner Rick Yzaguirre.

In the mean time about 80 residents from the RV park have to find a new place to call home and already local RV parks are seeing the high demand in monthly rental spots.

“We’ve definitely had a lot of calls, had several in the office visitors, and we have reserved several spaces and some of these guests are coming from On the River Park,” said a Hi Valley RV Park employee Marcia Jeffs.

But Hi Valley RV Park said they only have about 17 spots available and with 80 residents all looking to move it’s going to be tough trying to find at least a temporary home.

“We’re already a pretty full park,” said Jeffs.

Commissioners have said in the short term they will probably still keep it as a RV park. But they will kick everyone out for 3 months, do some upgrades, and do not want anyone living there permanently.

As for the Hi Valley RV Park, any resident who wants to stay there are asking to have RVs that are less than 10 years old; which will be a hard move for many River residents because they own older RVs and don’t have the money to move.


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