Final Report in on Fatal Bear Attack

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The final report on last month’s deadly bear attack isn’t providing clear answers as to why it happened, KULR-TV, Billings, Mont., reported.

Nearly three weeks have passed since a grizzly sow went on a rampage at the Soda Butte Campgrounds. On Monday (Aug. 16) investigators with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services released their final report. “The bottom line is that we can not come up with a clear explanation as to why the bear did this,” explained grizzly bear expert Chris Servheen.

It’s an explanation Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks Warden Sam Shepard said we may never get. “Bears are predators and they can revert to a predatory response at any given time.”

The final report shows the grizzly first attacked 21-year-old Ronald Singer at the campsite around 2 a.m. Within 15 minutes investigators think the sow moved west where she attacked 58-year-old Deb Freele. And the last attack, on Kevin Kammer of Michigan, was fatal.

Fewer than 24 hours after the attacks, crews captured the mother and her three cubs. “They were present at the attacks and participated in the feeding that took place,” Shepard said.

The sow was euthanized after tests proved she was responsible. A pathology report reveals the sow was thin, weighing 216 pounds. It also revealed she had intestinal parasites; however investigators say neither of these conditions would have caused such erratic behavior. “We don’t euthanize the bear as some type of retribution or death penalty because it killed a person. We euthanize the bear so we can use a full range of tests on the animal to understand if there was some reason for its behaviors,” explained Servheen.

Investigators say there were several bear sightings just days prior to the attacks, but say those bears were not aggressive and were not the ones involved in the attacks.


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