Look Out, Yogi, Here Comes City Hall!

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Township officials near Grand Haven, Mich., are looking at various ways to measure air quality after receiving several complaints, including those from residents near two campgrounds in the township, the Grand Haven Tribune reported.

In 2009, the Grand Haven Township Fire/Rescue Department responded to 28 smoke complaints and found 13 violations, generally seeing smoke cross property lines. Six of those violations were related to recreational fire smoke from campgrounds — four relating to the Christian Reformed campgrounds and two to Yogi Bear.

The Township Board on Monday (Aug. 23) unanimously authorized staff to purchase a handheld laser particle counter for $3,700, plus a $400 annual fee for calibration.

“This would allow us to measure particulate matter in the air that we may not be able to see,” Township Manager Bill Cargo said.

The size of particulate matter that the township is interested in measuring is particles less than 2.5 micrometers — which poses the greatest health concern as it can penetrate deep into the lungs, according to Cargo.

The handheld device can be used anywhere in the township; however, the purchase was made after several residential complaints from those living near the Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park campground on U.S. 31 and the Christian Reformed campground on Lakeshore Drive.

Cargo said township officials will hold off on purchasing the laser particle counter until after they discuss different options with the campgrounds’ officials and area neighbors — likely within the next couple of weeks, he said.


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