Next Virtual Expo Could Be in 3-D

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The first Virtual Outdoor Hospitality Expo, scheduled for Nov. 1-3 on the Internet, is just “a ‘toe-dip’ into the ocean of the computerized virtual world,” says Art Lieberman, show producer.

“The Expo is being run in 2-D because experiencing the virtual world can be worrisome for exhibitors and attendees alike, so we chose to keep the expo as simple as possible, this time,” he said in a news release.

But the producers are hoping that in the future the expo will graduate to a 3-D version which is incorporated into the expo’s present software. That show will become more like a computer game, which utilizes avatars and even allows visitors at the show to move around and literally speak to others whose faces they recognize. Having seen a demonstration of such a show, Lieberman and his co-producer, Deanne Bower, were stunned at what could be accomplished at such an event.

“We exited a door in the 3-D expo and were actually in a virtual campground where we could sit near a waterfall, enter a park model and see it in 3-D or even go to a game room in the campground’s store and play video games that were for sale by exhibitors,” said Bower. “The possibilities were endless.”

Costs for producing such a show are triple what producers are paying for the software that will run the current expo.

Information about the Virtual Outdoor Hospitality Expo can be found at their website at or by calling them at 877-901-EXPO (3976)


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