Pinnacle Park Homes Debuts 3 New Floorplans

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The Camping Cabin Suite, designed and built by Pinnacle Park Homes Inc. for campgrounds.

Pinnacle Park Homes Inc. reports a 74% increase in park model and cabin sales with the introduction of three new floorplans designed for campground owners.

“Each of these new floorplans is attractively priced and is geared toward allowing campground owners to increase their current rental income immediately,” the Ochlocknee, Ga.-based manufacturer stated in a news release.  “They also allow those campgrounds that are new to offering cabin rentals an affordable way to enter the growing rental cabin market.”

These cabins come complete with all the necessities including bed(s), kitchen, bathroom, porch, heat and A/C.

“Campground owners are very surprised at the income they are missing out on when we show them just how profitable offering rental cabins can be,” said Andy Davis, sales manager. “In some cases currently unused ground can earn over $11,000 a year in additional revenue.”

For more information call them m at (866) 574-5159 or visit them on the web at


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