Rising Waters Threaten Bristol Speedway Campers

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Watch today’s Featured Video from that pertains to the following story about a flood watch in Tennessee.

EMS crews are ready for possible flash flooding in Blountville, Tenn. That is where campers are setting up shop around Bristol Motor Speedway (BMS) in low lying campgrounds next to creeks.

On Tuesday night (Aug. 17), some campers next to BMS had to move to higher ground when creeks surrounding their tents began to rise.

With more intense rain in today’s forecast, emergency crews and the campgrounds spent Wednesday preparing for the worst.

“We let them know some of the things that needs to take place, to go ahead and have some of the stuff packed up so if we have to move them rapidly then the biggest portion of their stuff is mobile so we can move them,” said Matt Rice, who is in charge of security for Earhart Campgrounds.

Rice said it is not the rain in Blountville he worries about, but the rain in southwest Virginia, because that rainfall contributes to to the water flow in the creeks bordering the campgrounds.


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