RV Park Owner Presses His Case on Sanitary fees

August 6, 2010 by   - () Comments Off on RV Park Owner Presses His Case on Sanitary fees

Watch today’s Featured Video to see KCBY-TV, Coos Bay, Ore., report on an RV park in nearby Charleston, Ore. A written version of that story follows.

A day after the Charleston Sanitary District ruled against his appeal, a local RV Park owner tells KCBY he is standing his ground and still contests the over $20,000 in fees they say he owes.

In an appeals hearing Wednesday, the district charged Midway RV Park owner Mike Mrkonic $20,800.

Mrkonic says he has the documentation to discount those charges, but the Sanitary District told him the fees he paid back in 2002 and 2004 totalling $11,000 were incorrect, and he actually owes much more than that.

Mrkonic says that doesn’t add up and believes he isn’t alone.

“I find it strange and I think with all the other folks that were there yesterday,” says Mrkonic. “I know that there’s more than just one complaint here.”

Mrkonic is not ready to concede defeat just yet, and says others may join him in taking legal action against the sanitary district.

He says, “we’re not after anybody’s job or Mr. Chirrick’s job. We’re just after good, clean justice and fair government for all.”

Now to be fair, KCBY did speak to Charleston Sanitary District manager John Chirrick who declined to speak on camera, but did say, “it’s a fair decision. The board made it.”


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