Survivors Gather Possessions from Campground Flood

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Campers  were given the opportunity on Tuesday (Aug. 17) to identify and claim personal property collected and impounded by the U.S. Forest Service as a result of the June 11 flood at Albert Pike Recreation Area in western Arkansas that killed 20 people.

They occupy two buildings at the Pike County Fairgrounds in Glenwood, KTHV-TV, Little Rock, reported.

Among the items are a crock pot caked with mud, and an old clock — the water and dirt bringing the inner workings to a stop.

Crews recovered all of the items after the floods at the Albert Pike Campgrounds. Each one is sorted by the location it was found — some belongings recovered several miles downstream.

There are thousands of items ready to be picked up. It’s an indication of how popular the campgrounds were. And there are many small children’s items. Several families with small children also found the campgrounds popular. And there are items that remind of the power of the water on that early morning on June 11.

The campgrounds at Albert Pike are still closed.

Experts say the volume and speed of the water equaled the Mississippi River as it passes St. Louis.

At Lowery’s Cabins, they lost more than 60 structures. Workers are repairing what they can, and hauling off what they can’t.

But already some campers are back on the Little Missouri River.

“Oh they’re already back, “says Denver McRae. McRae owns the property at Lowery’s Camp.

He says quite a few of the cabins are still standing, “They’re some that didn’t get any damage and they’re back camping and having fun. And then there’s a bunch it’s just going to take time get it going but they’re getting it.”

Several dozen items are back in the right hands now. But Tuesday afternoon no one came to see what might be theirs.

Perhaps they are links to memories still too fresh to re-live.


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