Travel Promotion Act Could Aid RV Park Timeshares

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Jason Tremblay

Editor’s Note: The following column was written by Jason Tremblay for The Timeshare Authority.

When the Travel Promotion Act was signed by President Obama in March of this year, the media focused a great deal of attention on what it could mean for hotels, airlines, theme parks, all of the travel-related industries, and even timeshare resorts. Often overlooked in the discussion were campgrounds and RV parks, which include timeshare campgrounds, and what an important boost this would could be for these facilities.

Following the passage of the bill, the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC) projected that U.S. campgrounds and RV parks should see and additional 50,000 campers this summer. If this proves accurate— and stats are already showing record numbers visiting the nation’s National Parks — then the increase will translate to more than $14 million in revenue for lodging, plus another $30 million that will filter down to related businesses.

Did You Know there are RV and Campground Timeshares?

Many vacationers, even timeshare owners and frequent campers, are surprised to learn that RV park timeshares exist and that they can also be purchased on the secondary market as campground timeshare resales. If this is a new or interesting idea to you, you may want to peruse ads for campground resales, where you will find a diversity of accommodations from tent and trailer sites, to rustic cabins and stationary mobile homes, located in serene and peaceful destinations nationwide.

This past week, Vice President Biden visited Yellowstone National Park, while President Obama and his family vacationed at Maine’s beautiful Acadia National Park. While Biden’s trip was business in nature, the First Family, was, like millions of other vacationers, simply enjoying family time outdoors, in the beauty of nature.

If you have never watched Ken Burn’s six-part documentary on America’s National Parks, try to carve out a little time to do so. You can watch this as a replay on PBS next time it airs, or purchase the DVD. You will find it spectacular and amazing. Burns, who describes the U.S. National Park System as “an utterly American invention,” explains that, “nobody else had ever set aside land in the past. Only kings did that. Only rich people got that. In America, in a democratic experiment everybody could own this land.”

When you look at it that way, I guess you consider all of America’s National Park a kind of ‘timeshare’ that you support through your tax dollars.


One Response to “Travel Promotion Act Could Aid RV Park Timeshares”

  1. Rich M on August 3rd, 2010 12:37 pm

    There are a few timeshare developers who really did a great job of targeting the RV demographic. Silverleaf and Bluegreen are the two largest that come to mind. Another individual resort that offers a blended vacation ownership product is Presidential Resort at Chancellorsville in Virginia. RV owners at their Wilderness Presidential site actually get to use the timeshare cabins for a week every few years for free.. It was designed to create cross-selling opportunities for the developer..

    Hopefully, if gas, RV, and timeshare prices continue to fall- more American’s will be able to take advantage of this buyer’s market to enjoy great vacations for years to come!