Website Promotes Wealth/Health for RVers

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Web entrepreneur Cathy Sheehan has announced the publication of her new website,

Launched in June, the online business was developed to provide full- and part-time RVers with insightful opportunities to earn extra money when on the open road while also promoting health for the mind, body and soul through a collection of unique merchandise, according to a news release.

“My website was developed to enhance the happiness and well being of living a life on wheels in an RV in an effort to deliver a sense of class to the lifestyle along with the fostering of a healthy mind, body and soul,” Sheehan said.

Sheehan has identified different types of RVers and has selected her products to accommodate varied RV lifestyles. For example, those who travel and live full-time in a recreational vehicle for pleasure tend to enjoy mind-enhancing projects and exercises for quiet times between travels, while those who augment their income with on-the-road work opportunities tend to prefer additional money-making strategies to support their RV lifestyle.

At shoppers are invited to explore a collection of RV lifestyle upgrades. These include light-hearted improvements for the body, such as isometric fitness books, the mind, such as green living through magnet energy and hydrogen-power cars, and the soul, such as bonsai plants for meditation. Plus, the website promotes a variety of online money-making opportunities, such as the Penny Stock Prophet and Fast Track Cash, which allow RVers to earn extra income while on the road.

“I’ve enjoyed the full-time RV lifestyle for the past several years,” Sheehan said. “Flying doesn’t allow you to view the beautiful scenery that stretches coast to coast or meet new people in all of the places you pass in your journey.”

To learn more about the ways of the RV lifestyle, from full-timer to vacationer, along with several simple and affordable ways to enhance the life on wheels, visit the website’s newly formulated blog, This interactive platform will also be used to provide insight to the benefits, features and functions of each enhancement product that’s available on the website.


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