City May Rehire Campground Managers

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Lisa Jiampetti, head of the Parks and Playgrounds Committee for the Egg Harbor, N.J., city council, noted in her report to the council Aug. 26 that the committee is recommending Dave Benn be reappointed as the campground manager next year, Shore News Today reported.

Benn and his wife Jeannie, owners of Pomona RV Park in Pomona, were appointed managers of the 60-site, city-owned campground, which is located adjacent to the city lake, during  the council’s May 13 meeting. The contract allowed for the council to reappoint Benn after one year.

This summer, the Benns have made capital improvements and bought $600 worth of beach badges, Jiampetti said. The contract only requires Benn to purchase $500 in badges, she said.

“The city has been relieved of incurring any costs for the campground,” Jiampetti said.

The Benns purchased the Pomona RV Park three years ago. Benn said he has been in the campground business his whole life, with his parents purchasing a campground when he was a kid.

They have developed a website to further advertise the campground,


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