High Water Floods Texas RV Park

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Managers at the Shady River RV Resort just east of Georgetown, Texas, woke up their residents Wednesday morning and told them to evacuate as the water spilled from the nearby San Gabriel River into the ampground, KXAN-TV, Austin, reported.

“I lost everything,” said camper Phillip West. “Wallet, credit cards, you name it. It’s gone.”

His neighbor Hattie Hill said, while the river often floods, this was the worst she had ever see it.

“I just couldn’t believe it,” Hill said. “I looked out and saw my dog standing on top of the dog house as the water came up.”

Farther down the road, the water was too deep for traffic to pass. With cows sounding over the rush of the current, one landowner, John Miles, surveyed the tiny islands once part of his pasture.

“We could see a couple of dead cows over there,” Miles said.

Just yards away, the bumper of a vehicle clung to a power pole. Earlier that morning, it was the scene of a swift water rescue. Crews were able to grab the driver of a stalled truck and bring him to land.

Back at the RV resort, neighbors helped each other escape the floods what completely took some of their homes. Officials said everyone there made it out safely.

“(We’re) just praying that everybody and everything is ok,” said Hill.


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