Impromptu Campground Vexes W. Va. Resident

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A Meadowbrook, W. Va., woman is concerned for her health after oil and gas workers in campers started moving in long-term around her home, exposing raw sewage to the environment, The State Journal, Charleston, reported.

Karen Henderson brought her problem before the county commission at today’s (Sept. 9) meeting.

She said she is being harassed with paintballs and car headlights at night because of her feelings about the oil and gas workers living in campers without proper sewage and causing what she calls “an environmental hazard.”

Commissioner Ron Watson said the commission can order the Harrison County Board of Health to comply with state rules about campgrounds if the problem is not addressed.

And because Administrator Chad Bundy has successfully cleaned up one of these lots in the past, he reassured her that pursuing her complaint would get her problem resolved.

“They are asking that the health department look into this,” said Henderson after the meeting, “And the health department has indicated today that they are looking into this and they are going to try and actively engage in a process of identification and problem resolution for this.”

“Those campgrounds are a necessity now due to the fact that many people have come to Harrison County to support the gas drilling in the area,” explained Bundy. “What we have done is let the community know that you can’t just start a campground, you have to be permitted by the local health department to do that.”

Henderson said she does feel better after hearing that other lots have been cleaned up and hopes the problem can be taken care of promptly.


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