Oklahoma Town Rejecting RV Park Plan

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Several residents showed up Tuesday (Aug. 31) at the monthly meeting of the city council in Coalgate, Okla., to protest one resident’s plans to build an RV/trailer park, the Ada Evening News reported.

The proposed site of the RV park would border State Highway 31 on the western edge of Coalgate, a town of 2,000 in south central Oklahoma.

Terry Powell, owner of the land and potential RV park, said she inherited the land from her late father and is looking for a way to make a living.

“I’m moving into Coalgate,” Powell said. “I want to be a prosperous citizen. I want to be able to stand up and pay my taxes.”

Coalgate resident Allen Leaird — whose home is located near the proposed site — voiced concerns at the meeting, saying the park would lower property values and potentially bring bad elements to the neighborhood.

“We’ve got a lot of concerns,” Leaird said. “We think there could be a safety issue, we think there could be a traffic issue, there’s a lot of issues. Everybody always says that they don’t want something in their backyard, but we’re literally having it put in our backyard and we’re not very happy about it.”

Powell said she would not allow bad elements to continue as renters.

“I will not have a permanent domicile,” Powell said.

“If they mess up, they hit the road. It’s just that simple. I understand those concerns, but I will not put up with trailer trash, junkies, crackheads or any of that.”

Leaird said as a longtime Coalgate resident, he has a right to protest what happens in the neighborhood where his family resides.

“I have a right, I think I’ve earned it, from years of transactions of being a homeowner in this county to say what happens in my community,” Leaird said. “I’m not against you (Powell). It’s what’s in the best interest of my family and my neighbors who all care for each other.”

Leaird said he is prepared to take legal action to keep the RV park from being constructed.

“It could be a wonderful park, but it still depreciates the value of our property and that’s the real world of it,” Leaird said.

Council member Muriel Parker suggested Powell gather more specific plans and legal descriptions and bring it to the council before any final decision is made. Council tabled the issue until September’s meeting.


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