Unique Sandbar Campground Still Possible

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The idea of camping in Park Point in Duluth, Wis., is still a possibility. Whether it’s a good idea depends on who you talk to. The task force studying it said that if there is a campground, it should be limited to between five and 15 primitive campsites, WDIO-TV, Duluth, reported.

This means no RVs, electricity or running water for campers. The task force presented these suggestions to the city Parks and Recreation Commission Wednesday of this week.

The construction would cost the city an estimated $40,000 and net the city about $10,000 annually.

Profit or not, Park Point residents opposed the idea. They said the campground will increase traffic and create environmental hazards in their neighborhood.

“There’s camping within a 10- to 15-minute radius in multiple directions,” said John Gelatis, Park Point visitor. “It’s a beautiful spot. I don’t see why we need to exploit it for camping and recreation expanded recreation. Its just fine the way it is.”

The public campground would be low impact. City council members supporting it think its unique setting could be a big draw for tourists.

“It’s the largest fresh water sand bar in the world for us to find new ways for people to recreate on it I think its a good thing for us to be able to share with the state and with the nation,” said Jeff Anderson, Duluth City Council President.

The Park and Recreation Commission will review the report and present their final recommendation to the Duluth City Council in October.


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