All Seasons RV Park Opens in Northeast Wyoming

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This map of Wyoming, courtesy of Wikipedia, shows the location of Campbell County, shaded in red.

For 34 years, Olin McIntosh drove the long way home toward Bishop Road from Belle Ayr mine in northeast Wyoming. Weary from the drive, his head would droop lower and lower as the morning light began to rise.

“I wish there was some place out here to stay on this drive,” he thought.

Nearly a year later, he has the answer — the first fully certified Campbell County RV park, the Gillette News Record reported.

“You can see how wide (the spaces) are and how long they are,” said McIntosh, who owns All Seasons RV Park with his wife, Sandra. “We didn’t build this for someone to be sitting on the lap of another person. We built it to have space. And it’s quiet, too.”

The RV park at 1000 McIntosh Lane sits just 1 mile above Bishop Road in Rozet, located along Interstate 90 east of Gillette, the county seat. It is the newest, year-round RV park to be established in Campbell County. It includes 20 spaces, each with more than 88-by-60 feet of space and Wi-Fi access, along with a bathhouse and a Laundromat.

“We only designed this for 20. We could have put 40 or 60, but we want people to have their dogs and their cats and they can have a little fenced yard and it can be very relaxed, instead of them just being crammed together,” McIntosh said.

The park allows for RV camping and dry camping (without utilities). It offers 30-amp, 50-amp and 100-amp electricity service.

The park only has been open since Aug. 31, but many were lining up for dry camping spots before it opened.

“These are people from all different walks of life,” he said.

“We like for them to think of us as family and we’d like to think of them as family,” Sandra said. “We want to interact with the people who come to stay. We want to get to know them.”

Ten people have moved into the lot so far, but McIntosh hopes for more.

“I’m sure it’s going to fill,” he said. “We’re not full right now, but when people find out, I’m sure we’ll fill.”

The promise of snow is just around the corner, but All Seasons RV Park will be true to its name.

“We’re not going to close the park,” he said. “We’re open all year long.”

County certification

McIntosh said the park is the first fully certified RV park in the county.

That means he went through a full review by the Campbell County planning and building departments, fire marshal and zoning committee, said John Boniface, county building code official. Most commercial parks are supposed to have their plans reviewed, but not necessarily by the planning and zoning committees.

Many commercial RV parks set up on unzoned property, said Megan Lehman, county planning technician.

The park also passed Department of Environmental Quality water and wastewater inspections. McIntosh said he hired hydrologists, engineering firms and well drillers to create a state-of-the-art water system.

“This municipal water system is as good as any city in the United States,” he said.

New marriage, new business

It was a long process and a lot of work, said McIntosh, 62, as he rested his arm around his wife’s shoulder.

“It was definitely a test of our relationship,” said Sandra McIntosh, 46.

The two are newlyweds, who wed about three months ago. They had dated for more than seven years, but this project brought them closer, Sandra said.

“It was definitely a labor of love,” Olin McIntosh said. “But we made it.”


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