Campground Given Time to Fix Problems

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The municipality of Mitchell’s Bay, Ontario, has given Mitchell’s Bay Marine Park 90 days to work out various issues raised by campers, The Chatham Daily News reported.

Among these include the use of electrical meters not approved by Measurement Canada for billing purposes.

“The municipality is taking steps to ensure there’s progress being made to address the responsibilities under the lease,” said Deborah Veccia, acting manager of parks, cemeteries and horticulture.

In an e-mail provided to The Chatham Daily News, Measurement Canada confirmed the meters weren’t approved. The department stated it is looking into the matter.

“When the use of an unapproved meter for the sale of electricity or natural gas is discovered, it must be removed from revenue metering service,” it stated. “However, it can remain in service as long as it is not used to establish a charge for electricity or natural gas.

“Measurement Canada takes a graduated approach to enforcement, preferring to work with the parties involved to resolve the situation.”

Dick Peever operates the park under a lease. He couldn’t be reached for comment.

One camper, who wished to remain anonymous, said there are maintenance problems as well, but that the electrical issue is the main concern.

She believes there has been poor communication, but said campers think the park is worth fighting for.

“We enjoy the people out here,” she said. “We enjoy the convenience of the park.”

She said she’s not against paying for hydro if the process was done properly.

An anonymous man said the meters were installed in May.

“(Hydro) was already included in the contract,” he said.

He said many campers fear retribution if they complain, such as not being allowed to renew their sites.

Veccia said the municipality has options if the operator takes no action.

“Under the terms of the lease, there are a couple of ways the municipality can deal with this,” she said. “But we’re hoping not to get to that point and I’m pretty confident that we won’t.”


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