Nudist Park Wants Florida Man Gone

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The homeowners association of a Florida nudist park wants to evict a disabled resident said to be disruptive and not nude often enough, Money Times reported.

The Paradise Pines homeowners association said Brandon Barger, 28, does not look after his dog or maintain his property and neighbors have complained he is not a practicing nudist, a requirement to live in the community, the St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times reported Monday (Oct. 25).

However, Barger, who needs a wheelchair to get around and suffers from nervous system and brittle bone ailments, said he is nude a great deal of the time because of his medical conditions and his failing eyesight. He said the wheelchair keeps him from straying far from his RV.

“They say I’m not a nudist? I say, ‘Well, come look,'” Barger said.

Jacquie Puxty, president of the homeowners association, said Barger has been a disruptive neighbor and once brought a prostitute to his property.

“We are a small, private, nudist community and he has not been a good neighbor,” she said. “We are totally open to any investigation. We want to do things right and fair, but we also want to do what’s right for all of our residents.”


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