Urban Hoosier Campground Plan Opposed

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Andrea Will has called Evansville, Ind., home all her life. Her family owns the Stockwell Inn and from time to time, she goes outside to enjoy the beautiful scenery nearby.

“It’s just so nice to be right here in the middle of the city and see that nature right outside your door,” Will told WTVW-TV, Evansville.

But Will says a proposal on the table could change that. Dawn Heil wants to buy the four acres of land at Stockwell and Morgan, turning it into a family campground.

“I don’t see how we’re going to disturb any of the wildlife. I think the wildlife would be a great asset to the campground,” said Heil.

Heil says she plans to use one acre of the land to create five or six RV spots, and use other space for tents. If that works out, she’ll then build on more of the land.

“There’s so much traffic here at Stockwell. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to camp here,” said Will.

Wesselman Woods is nearby, and Will says she’s worried a fire at the campground could destroy the woods forever.

“They’re basically an island, so if something were to happen, even something small, it would wipe out the park and it’d never be able to regrow,” said Will.

Will has started a petition to keep the plan from becoming a reality. So far, she’s collected close to 100 signatures.

“We haven’t heard once that this is a good idea, so we thought, we need to stop this,” said Will.

Officials with Wesselman Park Nature Center say they are also against the plan. Both Will and those with the park say they feel Heil hasn’t thought it all out.

“I haven’t found out every technical detail, but I will certainly learn along the way, and have that before the campground would open,” said Heil.

The Board of Zoning Appeals must decide whether to allow Heil to have a special permit for the land before the campground can be built. That vote is scheduled for Oct. 21.


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