95-Site Ohio RV Park Sold for $156K at Auction

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The National Road Campground near Zanesville, Ohio, has a new owner.

Mitch Devoll of Zanesville bought the 11-acre campground at auction with a bid of $156,000, the Zanesville Times-Recorder reported.

Eight others registered to bid, but only four actually drove the bid up to the selling price. The opening bid was $82,000, and Devoll watched as three others bid back and forth, prompting him to step in at the last second to outbid everyone else.

“I wanted to see where it was going to go,” Devoll said. “I didn’t think I could get it this low.”

The campground was appraised at $275,000.

Other bidders shook their heads “no,” signifying they wouldn’t out bid Devoll, even with encouragement from Barry Baker, an auctioneer with Ohio Real Estate Auctions.

The owners of Wolfie’s Campground, Rick and Pam Tilley, didn’t bid, but came to watch. They said they’re considering putting their 26-acre campground on Buckeye Drive up for sale in the spring.

“It’s a lot of work. We’re ready to retire,” Pam said. “Most people come on the weekends and see us talking to all the campers and relaxing, they don’t see what we do Monday through Friday to maintain that place.”

The former owner, Agnes Guy, was happy with the winning bid.

“My reason for letting it go is my husband died four years ago and, as a widow, it’s hard to keep it running. I’ve enjoyed the business. It’s a great family business,” Guy said.

She and her son, Alan, have run the campground since her husband Charlie’s death. The campground had been owned and maintained by the family for the past 15 years.

“I wanted to sell the property because it needs a younger, newer person with some ideas and who can bring changes,” Agnes said.

Devoll said he intends on keeping the property as a campground.

It has two stocked fishing ponds that are about an acre total, a store, shower house, office, laundry building with an overhead apartment, a large community building for meals and activities, a mobile home and a small cabin.

There are 95 campsites, including tent sites, and 75 of those have water and electricity access.

Baker said between the land, buildings, ponds, trees and pool, it would cost upward of $1 million to construct what the campground offers.

Devoll said the deal will close before the end of December, and Mrs. Guy, who lives on the property, said her plan is to move to Virginia by then to be with her sisters.


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