Anderson’s Brochure Distribution Has New Owners

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Joe and Jessica Tice of Chambersburg, Pa., new owners of Anderson's Brochure Distribution.

After 20 years of owning and running Anderson’s Brochure Distribution, a brochure service company that primarily serves campground owners and RVers, Skip and Judy Deegan of West Virginia, are hanging up their hats.

Joe and Jessica Tice of Chambersburg, Pa., second generation RVers and Certified Public Accountants, have bought the business.

“The time felt right,” said Skip Deegan. “Judy had knee surgery over the summer and that gave us pause to think about someone younger taking over.”

The Deegans had several people interested in buying their business, but were most impressed by the Tices.

“They are young and have a tremendous amount of energy and good ideas so we thought they would be the perfect couple to take it over,” Skip said.

The Deegans’ retirement plans include travel – something they are used to doing with their business. But instead of business-driven travel, the couple will do it in a more leisurely fashion.

“I also have a honey-do list that is pretty long,” Skip joked. “We RV and do other types of travel as well. We have longer trips we have always wanted to do, like taking an RV from here to Alaska and also doing the maritime trip to Canada.”

The Deegans said what they will miss most is the campground owner.

Skip and Judy Deegan, longtime owners of Anderson's Brochure Distribution.

“Those were our customers and we had long-term relationships with them and we hope to continue to see them as we are going to help do a couple of RV shows to help the Tices get their feet wet,” Skip said. “So our faces will be in the crowd for a bit longer.”

Meanwhile, the Tices have jumped in with both feet and have been busy getting to know and introducing themselves to their campgrounds.

“We are CPAs and we had our own practice for 11 years and Joe was not really enjoying the accounting practice,” Jessica explained. “He is a more get-up-and-go guy. We are campers and we used Anderson’s Brochure Distribution. Joe started talking to Skip and Judy and it all worked out from there.”

So far so good for the Tices.

“Everyone has been great and really patient with us,” Jessica said. “The Deegans’ business is a well-oiled machine and we might modernize some things in the future, but we are not planning on making any changes the first year.”


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