City Upgrades Small RV Park’s Electrical Service

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Starting on Nov. 29, the Pittsburg, Kan., Parks and Recreation Department will close its recreational vehicle park, located at 20th and the U.S. 69 bypass for almost a month, The Morning Sun reported.

The reason is to upgrade the current electrical service, according to Kim Vogel, director of the Pittsburg Parks and Recreation department.

“We haven’t completely redone the electrical over there since about the ’70s,” Vogel said.

The department will spend the time replacing electrical posts and upgrading electrical outlets.

“Recreation vehicles are getting much larger than they were years ago and they have a lot more amenities,” Vogel said. “That requires a lot more electrical from us.”

The RV park currently has spaces for approximately 12 recreational vehicles.

Vogel said that the electrical upgrade project has been on the radar for the last year, but has been pushed back due to other projects that have surfaced.

“It gets pushed back as other needs jump over it,” Vogel said. “We’re on a limited staff here and we have to push some projects back and that is one that has been pushed back about as long as it can.”

The cost of the project is expected to be close to $10,000, but Vogel said that some of the items, such as the electrical posts, have already been purchased.

“It has been a project that we have been considering; we are just in the final stages of getting it done,” Vogel said.

Pittsburg interim City Manager John Van Gorden said that the reason the project has not been completed to this point has been money.

“We wanted to do it, but there has been some money constraints,” Van Gorden said. “We’re glad we’re finally going to get that done.”

Over the year, the revenue generated from the RV park has increased. According to budget figures, the park as brought in $12,000 for 2010. In 2009, the park generated approximately $9,000 in revenues.

“It has gotten a lot of use,” Vogel said. “You really can’t go by there without seeing 5-7 RVs out there at a time.”

The park will close on Nov. 29 — after the Thanksgiving holiday — and Vogel said she hopes it will reopen around Dec. 22. She said they are going to try to accommodate travelers over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.


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