Horses and Mountain Lion and Bull, Oh My!

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On Oct. 20, a bull weighing around 2,000 pounds broke out of a holding pen at the Cedaredge Processing Plant in Delta, Colo., and caused concern among the processing plant employees and neighboring residents and property owners, the Delta County Independent reported.

Pete Hurtz, owner of the Cedaredge Processing Plant, said the bull got loose around 9:30 a.m., breaking through a wood gate and then through a chain link fence, before going into the Shady Creek RV Park. The Shady Creek RV Park is owned by Cedaredge trustee Michael Meskel and his wife Kathy.

Hurtz said he and some of his employees used an ATV in an attempt to chase the bull back into a pen, shouting and waving their arms in the air.

When those attempts failed and the bull wandered outside of the Cedaredge town limits, Hurtz said he was concerned that the bull might get onto Highway 65. So he called the Delta County Sheriff’s Office for assistance. Cedaredge Police Chief Robert Yant and Officer Jake Hernandez both responded.

According to Officer Hernandez’s report, Hurtz told him that the bull had gotten out of the holding area and had charged after two of his employees before breaking down the chain link fence. Hernandez stated that, “with the approval of my immediate supervisor on the scene, the bull was put down by Cedaredge Police.”

Kathy Meskel said there was no doubt that it was the police officers who finally shot and killed the bull, but claims that she and others heard shots being fired even before the police arrived. When asked, Chief Yant stated that only he and Officer Hernandez used firearms.

Police Chief Yant said the bull had already gotten into the Shady Creek RV Park before he and Officer Hernandez arrived. He said the bull could have just as easily gotten onto the nearby Hunsicker Elementary School grounds, or out onto Highway 65, and therefore had to be put down for reasons of public safety. Yant then commented that he was the officer who fired the two shots that finally put the bull down.

Obviously the bull was trying to heed the words of Dylan Thomas, who wrote, “Do not go gentle into that good night.”

Following this incident, Chief Yant said there have been reports of a mountain lion sighted on the hiking trail along Surface Creek (in the Deer Creek Village area), between SE Independence Ave. and SE Jay St.

And last month two horses reportedly had gotten loose from being tied up near the Blu Sky Saloon in Cedaredge and were found walking down the middle of South Grand Mesa Drive (Highway 65).


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